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My name is Gina Pidej, I'm 18 years old and currently a freshman at RIT majoring in film/animation. I plan to concentrate in 3D animation or switch to digital illustration if the former proves too challenging for me. I was born in Thailand but I've lived in bipolar Houston, TX for about a good majority of my life. Now I'm living in Rochester and experiencing miserable weather all day, errday. Awwwyeah.

I'm a digital artist, graphic designer, and crowned procrastinator. I'm proud of the latter because I usually do my best work under pressure. I've been drawing with pencil and paper since I was 7, and I started drawing digitally when I bought my first drawing tablet at 12. My main tools for digital painting are my Wacom Intuos4 tablet, Photoshop CS5, and SAI Paint Tools. I mostly enjoy drawing people (especially their facial features), various anime styles, and clothes. My main weakness is backgrounds and scenery, but I'm trying to work on that as you can see from the header banner above. Some of my favorite artists/inspirations include Hyung Tae-Kim, ippus@DA, shilin@DA, Sam Spratt, Artgerm@DA, and a whole bunch of others.

Besides drawing I also like to eat, sleep, and watch shows like Big Bang Theory, Community, Glee, Suits, and Supernatural. I like to laugh a lot.

Also, narwhals bacon at midnight. Indeed.

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